Animal Testing: Let’s Talk About It

After watching BeautySavvy’s video regarding cosmetic companies testing their products on animals, I’ve decided to go green when it comes to buying cosmetics (or at least try to the best of my ability). I looked up what brands don’t partake in animal testing and was relieved to see that both M.A.C. and NARS don’t do it. However, many every-day products (like toothpaste from Crest or a Neutrogena face wash) are tested.

Just recently, LUSH cosmetics participated in an anti-animal testing demonstration in hopes of raising awareness about the issue:

I’d heard about animal testing, but never really looked into it. After watching both previously mentioned videos, I looked up other videos on youtube that went further into the subject. As a result, I’ve learned a lot about the topic and came across a few interesting videos, including this one from an actual makeup artist:

I’m relieved that two of my favorite makeup brands don’t test on animals- however, now that I’m more aware of what’s going on, it’s going to be harder (although rewarding) to find products I like and that aren’t tested on animals. I must warn you that there are a number of graphic videos that showcase the atrocities that are directed at the poor animals, which can be seriously disturbing and difficult to watch. In fact, I was so  disgusted to see how mice were being killed so inhumanely, that I didn’t even cringe at the sight of them (for reference, I am terrified beyond words of mice/rats/any rodent-related animal).  If you have any suggestions for other good cosmetic companies that don’t test on animals, please let me know!

Also, if you want to help fight animal testing for cosmetic purposes, please sign this petition. There are alternative ways to test products that don’t require testing on innocent animals 🙂


Yet Another Reason to Learn Portuguese

This song is so catchy!


Since it’s the week before finals week and I have a number of papers due soon, I needed to create a perfect I’m-writing-papers-can’t-get-too-distracted music playlist. So, I went on my Pandora channel that hadn’t been getting much love recently and the Temptations welcomed me. It was a beautiful thing. I grew up listening to oldies and I guess I’d forgotten how awesome the Temptations, the Zombies, the Beach Boys, the Turtles, the Kinks (the list goes on…) are. Then I got this urge to listen to the Chicago’s oldies channel online and MADONNA came on. After Elvis, Madonna. The Beatles are oldies. The Rolling Stones are oldies. NOT Madonna, not Aerosmith. Nothing against the latter, but seriously? If I wanted to hear 80’s music, I’d listen to the 80’s radio station, am I right?



NOT OLDIES (although quite catchy, not gonna lie):


I want my oldies back (I sound like an old lady haha)

The Grimm Truth

I’ve come to the sad realization that perhaps the number of people that watch the show Grimm is almost non-existent. When I’ve asked people what they’ve thought of the show, they’ve answered in one of three ways:

a) I’ve never heard of it
b) I’ve heard of it, but I haven’t seen it
c) Hell no, it’s a wanna-be version of Supernatural

AH! The last one kills me; it’s nothing like Supernatural. I lie, it’s somewhat like it, but definitely not a wanna-be version. Yes, Supernatural deals with (you guessed it) supernatural things like demons and unicorns (I’ve seen like five episodes, so I feel like I can make a pretty fair judgement), but Grimm doesn’t so much. The latter focuses more on the criminal aspect of the show, which I personally enjoy.

I’d like to suggest that those of you who like Supernatural or CSI (or any other crime show), give Grimm a try. I would hate it if it got cancelled like other shows I’ve liked but no one else watched (anyone remember the one-season-living “Six Degrees?” I barely do and I actually liked it).

Rain, rain, don’t go anywhere

I am LOVING the weather. I felt jipped of my winter seeing as we had like 2 snow “storms?” (after Snowpocalypse ’11, all other snow storms look like child’s play). The weather has been extra bi-polar even for Chicago, so I’m fully taking advantage of the thunderstorms that are accompanying this warm weather. Fun fact: I could live 24/7  in a rainstorm if I could. As a matter of fact, the top three reasons I want to move to Seattle are:

1. Rainy weather

2. Coffee

3. Birthplace of grunge music (4. It looks pretty!)

I love the thunder, the lightning (haha, I sound like We Were Promise Jetpacks’ “It’s Thunder and It’s Lightning”), the wind, everything. I get to walk around in rainboots right into huge puddles just like a little kid again. However, once the long and  humid summer gets here and the number of rainy days diminish, I found a website (I’m sure there tons of other ones, too) where you can here rain falling (with thunder!).

Unleash the Birdy fan in you

As the title suggests, I am a Birdy fan and I’m not ashamed. I know, it’s kind of weird that she’s only 15- she’s even younger than the Biebs (and no, I’m not a Bieber fan).  When I first came across her cover of “Shelter” by the xx, I really liked it but still preferred the original, but not by a whole lot.


Birdy’s version:

Then, not really being a huge Bon Iver fan to begin with, I actually preferred Birdy’s rendition of  “Skinny Love” (which I could listen to all freakin’ day). Seriously.

Bon Iver’s “Skinny Love”:

Birdy’s rendition (ah-mazing):

Most recently, I was slightly skeptical, to say the least, when I saw she released a cover of Phoenix’s “1901,” seeing as I love the original. Fast-forward: I was blown away! Her version is just as good as the original but in a different way (I fail at comparing music). I’m going to assume most people have heard the original “1901” so I’ll spare you the extra  linkage. Here’s Birdy’s version:

She’s also covered The Postal Service’s “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight” and The National’s “Terrible Love.” It’s so rare to find a cover artist that impresses you as much as the original artist- I just felt the need to share 🙂

Chicago Summer + Ninjas

After constantly regretting missing numerous Lolla performers in the past (i.e. the Strokes, Kings of Leon, and the Cribs (who came to Chicago a couple of days ago and I completely missed them yet again *slaps forehead*), I feel like I seriously need to get my act together and go this summer.

Now, you may (or may not) be wondering “who does she want to see this year??” and here’s what I have to say to that:

Red Hot Chili Peppers? Yes. Black Keys? Yesss. Die Antwoord? Hell yes. Okay, I understand if you might not have heard of the last group- I wouldn’t know who they are either had I not watched the Alexander Wang Spring/Summer 2011 fashion show on youtube. I was actually way more intrigued by the music playing than the clothes themselves. A link to the fashion show:

And here’s a link to the original song playing in the background, which is actually overflowing with obscenities. Also, I can barely make sense of what they’re saying most of the time, but the beat is rather catchy:

After a minute and a half of watching the show, I closed the tab and searched for the artist that was singing and discovered it was Die Antwoord, a bizarre rap/hip-hop group from South Africa that has a slight obsession with ninjas. If you want to watch a really weird video, click on the link below; head’s up- there is an unnecessary close up on a pair Pink Floyd boxers. You’ve been warned:

As over-the-top and crazy this group appears to be, I can only imagine what kind of performance they would put on. I never thought they’d blow up and end up on the Lolla lineup, so that’s pretty cool. Maybe this underdog story inspires me to finally go this year (not to mention Ozzy Osbourne’s going to be there too and he’s like 60, so it’s not like he has a bunch of concerts left in him).

Anyways, hopefully someone else finds this group entertaining or amusing at the least, and if you’re for sure going to Lolla this summer, you might even want to check out Die Antwoord’s performance 🙂

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